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inform #6 the design process

By InformForm

The word ‘process’ can refer to several loosely systematic stages or actions. In design education a range of learning models1 exist that refer to a process — a process of design and a process of learning to become a designer. Applying process allows the learner/designer to approach a brief in an informed and reflexive manner and for design to be treated as a problem solving activity. Process allows for a design project to progress but also for the building of knowledge, skills and experience in order to become visually literate.

We learn to learn. We learn to understand.
We learn to design and this does not end when you graduate.

Below is an outline showing stages of process and development in information design. As a designer it’s important to be familiar with conventions and rules, even (and especially) if you don’t wish to follow them. How we relate to and use a model will be influenced by what we know, who we are and how we understand the world around us.

Prior useful knowledge (practical skills, information, experience):

The properties of visual display and information design
The scope of visual display and information design
The history and theory of visual display and information design

Process and development in information design in reaction to a (self-initiated) brief



A design process is iterative in nature and can be multi-linear. Certain stages might need to be repeated or returned to at a later point. For this reason you might find that you’re not working in a step by step systematic way as outlined above but that you find your own way.

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Originally published in InformForm #1 2012 


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February 10, 2015
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