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Student work: Baked Alaska

by Laura Bennett (Manchester School of Art, Manchester)

Laura’s response to the Made from Scratch brief was the recipe for a Baked Alaska. Laura used the dessert’s complexity as an opportunity for pictographic simplification. Equally temperature and the contrast between hot and cold played a big role in concept development.

Initial research included examining the work of other designers and developing an understanding of visual unities within pictographic systems. Visual experimentation did not just focus on the simplification of form but also testing, and making sure the forms were clear and easy to understand. Recipes are not always linear and often several processes are happening simultaneously which can be confusing for the reader. Through further testing it was noted how placement and arrangement of elements has the opportunity to clarify or confuse the reader even more, as did attempts of colour to communicate heat.

A multi-column grid, a thin banner format that can be folded down to a manageable concertina fold and most importantly a key played a part in the final outcome. It was established that a multi-colour approached would cause inconsistency in the interpretation of the symbols. Directional lines were used to reintroduce earlier mixture of ingredients successfully.

Originally publishes in InformForm #2. 


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January 17, 2015
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