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Student work: Fictional Cities

by Adeline Yeo (Central Saint Martins, London)

Adeline designed an information graphic based on completely fictional information. Through a series of posters she charted the government structure of five fictional cities: The Emerald City, King’s Landing, The Capitol, Spa Town and Zion.

Contextual research into the selected fictional worlds played a big role in understanding hierarchies of information. Adeline focused on the government structure, population diversity, economy, wealth distribution and infrastructure of each city. The socio-economic structures of these fictional worlds seemed very poignant in relation to the realities of our modern world. The widening gap between the rich and the poor, the proliferation of dictatorial regimes brutally subjugating their citizens, and the ignorance and apathy of the elite towards the suffering majority are all too familiar today.

In this light, these fictional cities and their planned hierarchies become looking glasses into the experiment of civilisation in various contexts. The common citizen in each poster is represented by the humble pawn piece, whose self-will is often an illusion in the game of power.

A lack of key is intentional as Adeline is targeting fans that are familiar with visual and iconic characteristics of the films and novels. Special government posts and key characters have been illustrated to be immediately recognisable.




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February 12, 2015
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