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Student project: One way trip to Mars

By Jessica Bird (Ravensbourne, London)

For the second year project “Breaking the News” the Graphic Design students at Ravensbourne were asked to analyse newspapers and find a back-story with a social, environmental or political angle. Content was translated using data visualisation and diagrammatic display techniques played a key role in explaining, clarifying complex matters to a reader. Production specifications were limited to two double-page spreads using only two colour inks on a choice of either yellow or green paper.

Jessica researched the Mars One expedition being planned by an independent Dutch foundation whose aim is to colonise Mars. Jessica gathered a varied amount of information including online articles, data on the missions procedure and the application process for the candidates.

Deciding to focus on the journey of the Mars One exploration, Jessica moved the project forward with various layout and grid designs experiments, figuring out how and where the content was best suited for the reader. As the subject matter is planet-related Jessica was keen for the data to to be represented using circular based visualisation techniques. The application of the blue and red is in reference to (blue) planet Earth and the ‘red planet’ Mars.






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July 15, 2015
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