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Design a culinary recipe that can be followed and understood without referring to text or type (excluding the title and key). Your recipe can be anything from boiling an egg to baking sourdough bread or a soufflé. Consider the tools and ingredients needed for preparation but most importantly their application: this brief is about sequence and instruction over time — not simply depiction or illustration.

At a minimum we would like to see ingredients, quantities, preparation and cooking instructions. Other considerations could be the recipe’s origin, seasonal or cultural references, tools needed, serving suggestions, calories, texture, flavour. Even recommended wines can be relevant. In regards to quantities and measurements you may want to explore the use of diagrams such as area and volume charts. Consider your audience and their ability to understand the proposed visual language.

Demonstrate a sensitivity to the environment the meal instruction will be used in: from planning the meal, to the supermarket and the kitchen. Explore the impact this may have on format and navigation (for example smartphones). Make sure screen-based resolutions have been tested before submission.

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February 1, 2013
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