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New (re)lease

by InformForm and Study O Portable

Propose a new use (or uses) for an existing object while sustaining its original function. Explore the hidden potential inside an everyday object. Explain the object’s new usage(s) through instructional design executed on its surface. It could be a kitchen utensil, furniture or anything else you could find in a household.

The instruction should include pictograms and symbols, and could also include colour, shape and texture to explain the object’s new usage. The re-appropriation of the object has to be communicated through ideas around instruction, and not through the visualisation of any actual transformation. In other words you are changing the use of the object, not the object itself.

Consider the size of your object (and available surface area) and how that might affect design decisions such as detail, amount and levels of complexity of information, etc. The result should make clear the multiple possibilities embedded, or invented, within the object while sustaining its original function.

This brief was written with design practice Study O Portable (London). You are encouraged to work collaboratively with students from other courses, particularly product design.

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February 1, 2013
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