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Telling the Untold

by InformForm

This brief requires you to create a visual narration that allows for an everyday space to be experienced and understood in a new and unique way. You will need to identify a space; it could be a park, a neighbourhood, a street, a building, a room or even a piece of pavement. Discover and research the invisible (once visible) story. The story could refer to historic, geological, social or cultural facts as well as other information you deem suitable.Consider where the user experience begins, where it ends and how the story unfolds.

Your submission will need to include pictograms and symbols that work as part of a system, you may also decide to include typography and other forms of image-making in a supporting role. The outcome can refer to any application: print, screen-based or other. Make sure screen-based submissions have been tested.

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February 12, 2013
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