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Walk the Walk

by InformForm

Propose a wayfinding strategy that makes a specific journey or route accessible in a different but relevant way. You will need to identify contextual qualities of the route and their relation to the user i.e. a walk through a park is different to strolling in town or running to catch a train. Research and push boundaries around traditional wayfinding and signage techniques. Consider the user’s mode of transportation, how (s)he moves around as well as their points of reference along the way.

For your final resolution consider the relation between the instruction of direction and the user experience as well as the impact of the space, scale, size, placement and use of colour. Consider pictograms and symbols that work as part of a system with typography in a supporting role. Your submission should also include a proposal of production and materials. The outcome can refer to any application: print, screen-based or other. Make sure screen-based submissions have been tested.

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February 1, 2013
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